Landing Page Copy that Converts

Even if you’re new to copywriting...
you’ve struggled to make sense of what the hell goes on a landing page... your idea of a campaign is an ad and a prayer... and your history of writing has been accompanied by such side effects as upset stomach, diarrhea and night sweats…

If you’re looped into best practices in inbound marketing, you know you need high-converting landing pages in your toolkit.

But it’s hard to do more than the bare minimum, given the vague training that’s available in blog posts and Udemy courses.

I know. I’ve seen it all with businesses of every size. From one-person agencies to huge tech companies. You want to create campaigns and funnels that convert — but how??

Joanna Wiebe

Creator of Copyhackers

You’re in a unique position to put landing pages to excellent use for your business

You’re familiar with Copyhackers…

So you’re already a step ahead. You already know copy is your online salesperson. And you wouldn’t dream of sending your online salesperson onto the “sales floor” without writing her an incredibly reliable sales script.


You know great copy makes money.
And shit copy costs money.

Plus, you know that, even if you can’t write landing pages like a pro today, you’re only a few lessons away from conquering each landing page with unmatched skill. That’s what I’m here for.

I’m here to help you seize hold of the opportunity that’s tied up in landing pages...

And, oh, the opportunity! Check this out…

Landing pages are as easy to create as an ad.

Sign into your landing page platform of choice, and hit “New Page.” Instantly, you’ve got a page.

Landing pages are repurposable.

Get the core of your page right, and you almost never need to create from scratch again. Just hit “duplicate” and modify. (I’ll teach you how.)

Landing pages are simple to A/B test.

Ever used Unbounce? To split-test your landing page, you just duplicate a page, modify it, publish it and tell Unbounce to send 50% of visitors to it.

Landing pages are targeted.

Your website is completely NOT targeted! Your business’s lobby is completely NOT targeted! But a landing page. My oh my. You wanna create a Facebook ad for single moms aged 25 to 30 living in Newport with Homeland as their favorite TV show? Go for it — and craft a landing page for that exact visitor.

Little wonder the Unbounces, KickoffLabs and Leadpages of the world are generating so much buzz.

But Here’s A Secret...

The biggest challenge for new users of landing page solutions isn’t creating a new page.

It’s writing a new page.

I will teach you to master
the art and science of writing
landing page copy that converts

Last year, it occurred to me that basically every marketer I knew and every copywriter I knew was writing landing pages the same way they wrote home pages.

They didn’t realize that there are actually unique rules for writing landing pages.

They couldn’t assess what was wrong with a landing page.

Because they didn’t actually know how to write it right.

They didn’t know what to do beyond message matching and axing competing links from a landing page.

And because they didn’t know what I knew — and what I was teaching my mastermind students — they were guessing every single time they sat down to write a page. No wonder they weren’t creating multiple pages for new campaigns! Writing landing pages was torture for them.

So I decided to teach what I know.

But before I tell you what I’ve made for you, there’s something you need to know about me.

Because if you’re going to listen to me and let me guide you, you need to understand this.

You can’t confuse me with someone I’m not.

I was born in a trailer park. The fourth of five kids, I grew up under the heavy shadow of this statement: “We can’t afford that.” I vividly recall standing next to my bio-mom and my little brother Paul in the grocery store checkout, looking with a sort of sickened longing at a pack of Tootsie Pops, and knowing better than to ask if we could get them. Of course we couldn’t.

When my dad courageously decided to follow his dream, go back to school and become a teacher, my older siblings — teens in those years — worked part-time and gave their cheques to my dad. We lived on mac ‘n’ cheese and pancakes. (To this day, those are my least favorite foods.) At one point, after the principal called me into his office for the third time and asked if everything was okay at home, I somehow found the money to pay my own fees for woodshop class.

We slept on mattresses given to us by a local motel when they replaced theirs.

If our teeth were crooked, they were staying crooked. (I straightened mine as an adult.)

If we wanted to wear something other than hand-me-downs, we were getting jobs.

I walked away from my childhood with this guiding lesson: earn money, and don’t waste it.

You need to know this about me because you need to know that, for me, helping you earn life-changing revenue is like helping my dad (who passed away 12 years ago) get ahead.

When you grow your business, you hire people. And that changes lives. That puts real food on real tables. That puts shoes on feet. That pays some thirteen year-old’s woodshop fees.

(I have no idea why I took woodshop, BTW.)

Copy actually IS your online salesperson.

So if you get it right, it IS your path to more revenue, more money in the bank and more opportunity to hire more people — to say nothing of paying to use more tools that keep more people at those companies employed.

It’s because I’ve seen what high-converting copy can do for businesses that I teach as I do... and that I’m bringing you this new way of mastering how to write landing page copy that converts...


Earn more money by
writing better copy.

100% actionable training on how to write landing pages that convert.

You’ll get instant access to an instant-action copywriting curriculum. Plus two live online training sessions.

So you can outwrite and outconvert the competition.

10x Landing Pages Will Walk You Through the Exact, Proven and Repeatable Process We Use to Write High-Converting Landing Pages. Without the Guesswork.

You’ve gone as far as you can go with the training that’s out in the wild.

The blog posts. The free ebooks.

Even the books you pay for on Amazon and send straight to your Kindle app, hoping for a miracle, don’t take you anywhere near as deep and as wide as we’re going to go in 10x Landing Pages.

This is the course you’ve been looking for.

I’ve worked with my team at Copyhackers to compile all of our best insights, techniques and takeaways from 1000s of A/B tests. We’ve extracted the must-know copy techniques. We’ve documented the advanced persuasion insights. And here’s the best part…

You’re finally going to see - definitively and without question — how to fill all that space between the headline and the button on your page.

Convincingly. Powerfully.

I’m going to forcefeed your brain with all the rich, juicy meat that’s at the core of why businesses like Google and IBM ask us to write their copy.

You’re going to get a heaping helping of the stuff previously seen only by members of my ultra-exclusive copywriter mastermind.

Once you know this stuff, you can’t unknow it.

Which means you can’t help implementing it.

I return to the course again and again…”

…re-watching videos and re-reading lessons, just to brush up and sharpen my copy of the day.

It's that useful. You bring it with you into every word you write, and it makes those words better.”



You’re ready to stop guessing, testing and coming up short. So here’s how the course works.





From the moment you watch your first video, the way you think about copy will begin shifting...

We’ll start by killing old, unproven ideas.

(It’s the old ideas that chain our hands.)

You’ll watch 3 lessons that will pull apart antiquated ideas of what copy “should” do... and rebuild in their place a solid, proven conversion copywriting foundation.

  • Before You Write:
    Think like a successful copywriter

  • Conversion Copy:
    Move the Prospect to Act

  • Barriers to Conversion:
    Fight back with copy

Within minutes, you’ll be able to identify the biggest problems with the copy you’ve been writing. You’ll want to pause the videos and make edits to your existing work... but we’re just getting started.

With your mindset starting to shift, we’ll blow the doors wide open on what’s wrong with ALL the landing page copy ON THE PLANET.

You’ll watch 7 stunning lessons that will zero in on and pin down the ONE problem that’s plaguing your landing pages.

This is stuff your competitors don’t know.

Hello, huge competitive advantage!

Let them fiddle with their button colors... while you make bank with copy that convinces.

This is stuff that’s so good... we’re not gonna show you screenshots of it. You’ll see the videos when you join the program — and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you WILL be completely and totally floored by what you’ve been missing.

I screamed, ‘Eureka!’”

“I'm no stranger to copy but every module I devoured made me want to slap my own face, scream "Eureka!" (and perhaps run down the street naked proclaiming my newfound insight!).

It's seriously THAT jam-packed with cash-pulling genius.

There are only a handful of copy experts I trust and Copyhackers are numbered among them. There are so many ways to position an offer that is sometimes difficult to decide what approach to take. Now I’m armed with the exact tools I need to craft a captivating sales message every time.”



I escaped the valley of suffering”

“My biggest struggle was structure. I decided to take this course first, because I trust Joanna - her ebooks are all superb, and I knew she'd over-deliver.

Second, when writing copy I simply didn't know where to start, so I'd hack my way through copy, and then piece it all together. After enough days, blood, sweat and tears, I'd sometimes actually piece together something awesome.

I was looking to shorten the time in the valley of suffering and get to the awesomeness. The course blew away my expectations — for being such a superstar copywriter, Joanna is so approachable and is a great instructor. It's so clear she gets the struggle we face (has faced it herself) and wants to help us discover workable ways to write better copy.”





Your best-converting copy isn’t hiding in the corners of your brain. Module 2 shows you where to surface it...

You know you’re supposed to listen to learn.

It’s true if you wanna create better products, provide better service... and, yup, write better copy.

So Module 2 is all about the hands-on techniques I use to find messages that stick. But I won’t just sit you down with a list of survey questions or a bunch of tools to use. That’s the stuff of blog posts. That’s not the stuff that will take your copy higher and higher...

Instead, you’ll get lessons on how to use the message-finding techniques I depend on.


Ask the Right Questions


What to Say (And How To Say It) To Find Deeper Reasoning


  • Our fave survey questions
  • The questions we ask in on-page polls.

    (Great for landing page copywriting!)

  • And the talking points to get you from beginner to pro interviewer

(Whether you’re a freelance copywriter or growth-hacking your way around an in-house marketing department, you’re going to have a major edge once you start interviewing.

Because as much as everyone talks about interviewing customers... no one wants to do it or even knows how.

You’ll know how. And you’ll know why.

So how amazing will it be when you add that level of value to your team??)

Take what we teach you...

Follow the process exactly as it’s laid out for you...

And build the confidence that will make you a message-finding master.

Nail this module, and you’ll write not just landing pages but EVERYTHING at least 10x as well as you used to.


    Learn What Works And What Doesn’t On Your Page


    Explore Deep Motivators With First Hand Emotion


    Optimize Pages By Watching People Use Them

I finally know how to think about web copy…”

“I had been writing copy for 30 years at an ad agency. The copy that worked in ads, brochures, and other materials did not seem to work as well online.

Joanna’s course taught me how to think about and write copy for landing pages that actually converted. No matter how long you have been writing copy this course will make you better.”





If you’ve been writing copy in Word docs, your eyes will be opened wide by what’s inside Module 3

Wanna know how to go from 10 soul-draining rounds of
revisions... to a gold star on the first page you present?

Wanna know how to get your team or your clients to immediately fall in love with your copy?

A couple of years ago...

Andrew Wilkinson — the creator of mega-huge design agency MetaLab — hired my team to write one-pagers for a few of his SaaS businesses.

We went off. Followed our usual process, starting with research. Drafted the copy.

And then I did this one thing to our copy that made me so nervous, I almost called to cancel the contract.

Now, it wasn’t the first time I’d done this “thing.”

Actually, I’d always done it.

And I’d never even questioned it.

Until it came time to present my copy to Andrew.

Lemme back up: Andrew’s a designer. A pixel-perfect designer. If you’re familiar with the app Slack, he led his team to design that. He’s kinduvabigdeal in the world of interface design.

And here I was, a copywriter. Hired to write copy. But doing something I hadn’t prepared Andrew the Design Genius for...

I wrote the copy in a wireframe.

As in, I designed my copy on the page.

Sure, I’d been wireframing for years. And, sure, there’s no better way to present your copy than in a recommended layout, given how intertwined copy and design are. But what might this great designer think when he saw my wires? Would he be offended? Would he scoff? Would he pat my little head... or chew his lip to keep from yelling at me... or just gimme a big ol’ sigh ‘n’ eyeroll?

Rather than bailing on the gig out of nerves alone, I trudged into the glistening, glassy, super-sparse, made-to-intimidate offices of MetaLab and willed my hands not to shake as I opened my laptop to show Andrew what I‘d written... and designed.

“I like it,” he said. “I love the work you do.”

And he didn’t make a single change to
my wire.

Turns out even stellar designers appreciate good recommendations for how to display messages so they convert.

Writing copy in wires is the one and only way to get your clients to see your vision for what their landing page can and should express.

Even though we tell ourselves that we ought to stick to the words, we show up best when we help our design team, our marketing leads, our CRO guy, our SEO agency and our C-levels sit in the visitor’s shoes and read copy in wires. Instead of guessing what it “might” look like eventually...

That’s why Module 3 will teach you why I always write copy in wires (and why you should, too).

The lessons in Module 3 are particularly useful if you create landing pages in a fab landing page platform like Unbounce, Leadpages or KickoffLabs

  • Split Drafts

    Start With Your “What” Messages

  • TOP 10%

    Match Your Prospects Expecations


    Get Visitors To Focus On Your Goal

I went from scattered to structured...”

“Before this, my copywriting process was a bit scattered. I knew what most of the common big points were that I needed to hit. But because I didn't have any structure or process, the end result wasn't so effective.

I took Joanna’s course because of her credibility and the awesome content she is always putting out. She's well known in the copywriting space so learning from one of the best was a no-brainer. Joanna has an engaging teaching style and way of explaining things.

This really helped drive home how to create a message that resonates with potential customers and a flow to follow for getting there.”





Once you’ve got your messages organized on the page, the 19 lessons in Module 4 will transform your words into incredibly convincing copy

You’ve been starting with the copy.


That’s a big part of the problem.

Once you know how to think like a conversion copywriter... once you tackle what the real barriers are to getting the “yes” on your landing page... once you’ve identified your messages... and once you’ve structured them on the page to weave a persuasive argument that gets into the nooks and crannies of your prospect’s head...

...then you can work on writing kick-ass copy.

And yes, it needs to be kick-effing-ass copy.

Your competitors have shitty copy. Let them.

The world is filled with dull, boring messages. So be it. You don’t have to think about that.

The only copy you need to worry about is YOUR copy. Because the only product you need to sell is YOUR product. And the only customer you need to convince with your words is YOUR customer.

You wanna:

  • Get your visitors’ attention
  • Keep their attention
  • Monetize their attention

You’ll learn how to rewrite your messages into killer copy that does all of those things. And builds your brand. And makes people love you. So they refer their friends and coworkers to you.

If you’re at a point in your career where you know it’s time to do more without pouring cash into every new initiative, then it’s time to nail copywriting. Just nail it. This module will show you how.

You’ll get a whopping 19 lessons on how to write:

  • Headlines
  • Crossheads
  • Calls to action
  • Bullet lists and mega lists
  • Pricing tables
  • The close


  • How to find your own voice

    (It’s nowhere near as hard as you think it is.)

And, naturally, proven, fast-acting techniques to edit the awesome into purely functional copy, transforming it into the persuasive copy you’d envy on someone else’s page...

Lessons like:


    Turn features into tangible benefits


    Tell why your claim matters and back it up


    Connect with your targets


    Use lists to inspire visitors


    Lower the risk of making their decision


    Play with language intentionally

Finish the four modules... and never again question how to write landing pages that actually outperform the control... time after time.

That doesn’t mean every single page you write will be the world’s biggest converter.

What it means is this: every single time you sit down to write a page, you’ll KNOW what to do... why to do it... and exactly how to do it for maximum impact.

If you get the idea for the page wrong, well, the copy won’t perform as well. So you’ve gotta get the idea right...

When you take 10x Landing Pages, you stack the odds in your favour. That’s because you’ll get:

  • 40+ clear, step-by-step lessons

  • More than a dozen worksheets and cheatsheets

  • Recordings of all live online events

  • Our 60-day no-risk money-back guarantee

  • The best training we’ve got on writing landing pages that convert

Mr. Miyagi-style guidance throughout”

I've woven what I've learned from Jo into more areas of my professional life than you can imagine.

Ironically. I'm finding it very difficult to capture the right words to express how grateful I am of what I've learned from Jo.

Then again, there is one word that might work: Empowerment.

With every lesson, email reply, or tweet. Joanna and her team passed along their experience, feedback, encouragement, and tactical details that can only come from a kind of master-level, Tibetan monk-slash-Mr. Miyagi style mentorship.

I want whoever is reading this to have that same experience, and come away with the same sense of empowerment that you can use words to accomplish more than you'll ever imagine.


Content solutions architect BAMBU BY SPROUT SOCIAL

10x Landing Pages is Right for You If You Answer “YES” to ANY of These Questions

  1. Are you responsible for getting more leads using webinars, ebooks, ads, landing pages or a combination of the above?
  2. Do you send emails that drive to landing pages for webinars, events or free content?
  3. Have you signed up for landing page platforms, like Unbounce or Leadpages, but then struggled to know what to write in their templates?
  4. Do you see others driving to great landing pages - like clever thank-you pages that get social shares - and want that for your business?
  5. Are ad, email, webinar or content marketing campaigns part of your growth strategy?

No matter what stage your business is in, what industry you’re in or how unsuccessful your past campaigns may have been (it’s not your fault!), if you said “yes” to even ONE of the above, you should join 10x Landing Pages now.


If you want to get rich quick... or if you’re looking for a handful of magic beans... or if you want a magical template... or if you find that “no one can teach you,” don’t join.

If you’re at the end of your rope with no cash in the bank and looking for a hail mary, don’t join.

If you haven’t got time to refill your coffee cup let alone watch a training module, don’t join.

10x Landing Pages is a step-by-step program that absolutely WILL work for people that give it a chance to work.

It WILL work if you do the work.

And here’s the news you’ve been waiting for...

Your time commitment is minimal! Most videos are a mere 5 mins long.

When you join 10x Landing Pages, this is the process you’ll follow to go from ho-hum, low-converting landing page copy... to copy that thoughtfully, consistently and repeatedly gets the results you keep hearing about but haven’t seen for yourself...

  • 1

    Watch Module 1

    Get ready to write by watching 13
    bite-sized lessons.

  • 2

    Watch Module 2

    Get clear insights into better landing
    page copy.

  • 3

    Watch Module 3

    Combine your takeaways with your newly
    found messages... and write!

  • 4

    Watch Module 4

    Transform your first-draft copy into
    the sticky copy you’ve always admired.

Then hit PUBLISH on your page.

The next time you write a page, simply revisit Module 3 and Module
4 for refreshers on copywriting how-tos.

How to Earn a
Certificate of Completion

At the end of each module, you’ll find a quiz. Earn a passing grade (85%) on each quiz, and you’ll get a completion badge to put on your blog or website. Great for freelancers!

Find messages, tackle wireframing and craft better copy all on your own...

We’ve been engaged by the likes of IBM, Buffer, Wistia, CoSchedule and literally hundreds of other businesses to optimize their landing page copy.

We’ve optimized webinar landing pages for professional service firms, like lawyers and financial planners.

We’ve rewritten sign-up pages for SaaS businesses.

We’ve written AdWords landing pages for ecommerce sites.

This spring alone, we optimized the Buffer for Business landing page and wrote all the Facebook ad landing pages for a campaign run by Rainmaker (the team behind Copyblogger).

We follow the same steps each and every time. You’ll learn those steps in 10x Landing Pages...

But if you join me in 10x Landing Pages today, you’ll get instant access to all the video training in all 4 modules:

  • 1


  • 2


  • 3


  • 4


That includes all over-the-shoulder tutorials (video), worksheets, cheatsheets and quizzes.


Video Training

These bite-sized video lessons make it easy for you to move swiftly from “I have no idea what to write” to “Done! Let’s get a drink and watch our subscriber count climb in ConvertKit.”

I’ll teach you how to think 100% differently about the people coming to your page - without changing a thing about the audience you’re targeting. Your business stays the same... your product stays the same... your market stays the same... and the only thing that changes is the way you use your words.

Videos are less than 5 minutes, on average.

The particularly curious concepts include over-the-shoulder tutorials, where you watch me put the concept into play on the screen.

Plus, when we add new video training, you’ll get access to those.

You’ll get worksheets, cheatsheets, deep-dive decks and quizzes, too!

Get the confidence to write 10x the landing pages that can perform 10x as well and help you get 10x the results. And finally know what it’s like to drive traffic confidently to a page.


When you pass the quiz for each of the four modules, you’ll earn a certificate of completion.

This certificate is presented to you as a personalized badge that you can add to your blog or portfolio. This is particularly great for freelance copywriters, growth consultants and in-house specialists that want to show their expertise to earn their next big promotion or get a cool CRO job at a fantastic tech startup.

*Or make 12 payments of $97*

The monthly payment plans are to keep this training cashflow-friendly.
When you enroll in the 12-month payment plan, you agree to make all payments.

Can we help? We’re at

I needed an on-budget process and checklists to write copy that gets people to act”

“Sometimes I could feel that what I wrote was “right”…but I couldn’t defend my feelings against the doubters on the team. I’d search for answers online. The time-sucking hell of blogs and “5 steps to better…anything.” More often then not, I’d end up more lost than when I started. I ended up feeling overwhelmed. I was looking for some easy to follow steps. And a process I could implement quickly and consistently.

I looked into copywriting courses – I found some that ranged from $2,000 to $5,500! Ouch. I didn’t have the budget or time for that kind of investment. Like everyone else I know in marketing I had a ton on my plate and I was under constant time pressures at work.

Honestly I don’t recall how I finally found Copyhackers. Thank you Google Gods. The course I took with Joanna sounded like a tight, easy to take, down-to-earth course with checklists I could use right away. I’d never heard of “conversion” copywriting, but right away it made sense. Yes… more than anything I needed visitors and prospects to act. I wanted to learn how to do THAT.

The “Over the Shoulder” videos [in the course] were by far my favorite. Joanna walks you through what she sees on a website (and what you should look for). Then right in front of you she shows you how to fix the copy (applying the concepts from the video lesson). Everything from customer research to sticky copy is covered in the course. I have recommended this course to several of my friends (they’re eager for the next session to open up).”



I’d been led astray by so-called copy gurus, but then I found Joanna’s course”

“The practical guidance Joanna offers not only works but is easy to apply- and it sounds like ME. The exercises she prescribes to apply what she teaches are brilliant and designed so that you're not just taking a course, you're getting work done. I don't have time for anything else!”



I needed to write killer copy to launch well”

“I signed up for [the course] just before I was getting ready to launch my startup. I'd been struggling with the copy for the web site, and had been unsure how to explain what makes Agile Planner different.

I've had a lot of positive feedback about the copy I put together using techniques Joanna taught in the course. People make a point of mentioning just how much they enjoyed reading [my copy], which seems amazing to me!”



Get Copywriting Training From The Copywriter Trusted By People You Trust

Chances are good that you’re here and reading this because you’ve seen Joanna speak, you’ve read her blog and/or someone you trust told you to check her out.

In the world of copywriting — a world admittedly overrun by folks you wouldn’t trust to babysit your neighbor’s pet lizard — Joanna Wiebe is a respected voice.

She’s been invited to teach conversion copywriting on such stages as MozCon, Inbound, Business of Software, SearchLove, Call to Action Conference, ConversionXL Live and dozens more.

And businesses like Google, Microsoft, Hootsuite, Shopify, IBM, MetaLab, Invision, Indochino, Coschedule, Crazy Egg, Wistia, Litmus, Buffer and Shopify — among hundreds of others — have sought her expertise to help them optimize what they say and how they say it.

“I didn’t read the whole page, Joanna — gimme the skinny with
some sweet FAQs”

  • When do I get access to the video training?

    Immediately! The training is ready for you right now.

  • Is this different from your course “The Copy Link”?

    This course is more focused on landing pages and includes a lot of new training. If you took The Copy Link, however, you will get free access to this course because we’ve borrowed a lot of training from The Copy Link. Email with your receipt for The Copy Link to get enrolled free in 10x Landing Pages.

  • Is this different from 10x Emails?

    Absolutely! 10x Landing Pages is all about writing more + better landing pages, not emails. There is one similarity, though: the bonus “message finding” videos in 10x Emails are a core part of the curriculum in 10x Landing Pages. So if you’ve seen those bonus videos, you’re ahead of the other students.

  • Do I have to travel for this?

    Nope! You can take this training from any device with wifi access.

  • How do I pay?

    You can pay online with PayPal, Visa, Mastercard or American Express. If you choose a payment plan, you can’t use PayPal, unfortunately. Receipts will be issued for all purchases.

  • Is there a refund policy?

    Of course! It’s generous and described in detail directly below...

Trust Our 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re skeptical about what 10x Landing Pages can do for you, then let me help put your worries to rest: I’m giving you not 30 but 60 days to take the training and put it into practice. See how the landing pages you write perform. Put a few in Unbounce and test them.

If you do not see an increase in conversions by applying our training... or if you do not see an increase in customers by applying our training... or if you do not see an increase in revenue by applying our training, send us your work.

I’m more than happy to give you 60 days to put this training to work. Because I’m certain that it works IF YOU WORK. But this is not training for lookie-loos. This is not training for businesses spending their last thousand bucks on a sort of Hail Mary effort to get rich fast. And this is most definitely not a savings and loan - don’t drop off your money today and come back later after having done nothing. That’s not how you get better. Your business needs you to take this training seriously.

We will only give refunds to people who submit their work and clearly show they’ve put our training into practice. No exceptions here. Sounds harsh? You need me to be firm on this. It’s only when you’re held accountable that you can rise to new heights. (As self-helpy as that may sound.)

That said, when you do the work but it doesn’t pay off, it’s our fault — not yours. And you’ll get your money right back. Just tell us within 60 days of purchasing here:

The Next Time You Look At Your Landing Page Conversion Rates, You’ll Be Glad You Invested In 10x Landing Pages

  • 40+ HD videos
  • 40+ transcripts
  • 10+ over-the-shoulder tutorials
  • 10+ worksheets
  • 10+ cheatsheets
  • Certificate of completion (quizzes)

*Or make 12 payments of $97*

I jumped in and soaked up copywriting genius”

“Even as a designer by background, I see the power copy has above all else to move people to action and capture the attention of those critical ideal future clients. I've followed Joanna Wiebe and her incredible insight into writing powerful copy, and grasped onto this opportunity to take this superpower to whole new level of (ethical) persuasion and impact.

Of course, I debated with myself, like I do with all courses. Do I really need it? Can I just learn from what I can find free on the internet? Ultimately, the truth is I wanted the full, organized, step-by-step teaching from foundation to advanced... at once. Not scattered across the internet trying to piece together a cohesive strategy and taking years to form the whole picture. I wanted to jump in and soak it all up... every drop of copywriting genius.

Unlike other courses, this one was also well produced with videos that look stunning and feel like she is right there with you. And the over-the-shoulder extra videos for each lesson make it all concrete with live examples you see her break down and rebuild on the spot. No wondering how the teachings translate into real world changes.

One of those things that just light up your brain with "a-ha!" was how she uncovers the perfect messages using your target audiences own words. And then how to get into their head so you can talk to those hidden drives and attention grabbers that you simply aren't hitting now. Another are the formulas and the simple technique that gets you out of your analytical, salesy, stuck mindset and instantly writing naturally in a way that connects and builds a relationship with the PERSON, not the abstraction. A trick to get in the flow and write real.

I've been following a lot of big names (hey, it's my business!), digging into stacks of books, and taking several courses - all around conversion, copy, funnels, content marketing... and Joanna always brings more to the table I've put immediately into practice. I’ve seen both pebble-sized changes with huge impact on subscriber rates, sales results, and connection with the right kinds of people... and runaway boulders that tore through lifeless copy completely turned around the campaign.”